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Entertaining the Kids for Free – With Linux

By Katherine Noyes LinuxInsider 05/27/08 4:00 AM PT School will soon be out for the summer. There are a slew of Linux programs for kids — including Tux Paint, Celestia and Edubuntu — that parents can use to entertain the little ones. What’s Linux with a Lineage? Verio Linux VPS delivers root access, advanced FairShare technology for better performance, and… Read more →

How to Name a FireWall

Pick a good story/theme and go for it. I will choose Konatcica for my firewall’s name. An Apache Legend Long, long ago, animals and trees talked with each other, but there was no fire at that time. Fox was most clever and he tried to think of a way to create fire for the world. One day, he decided to… Read more →

Now for a Linux Router

The next task for me is to put in a real router, I have 5 IP addresses and I am currently running with 3 off the shelf Linksys Home routers. I would need to buy 2 more to use all 5 IP’s, the cable router is a 4 port Cicso which makes it impossible to use all 5 IP’s. The capabilities of these home routers are extremely limited and I have maxed out each one with how many rules they can have (20). One old PC, LRP and webmin can solve this issue for me. I have been “Mind-Planning” this for some time and this article from Linux Journal gave me the inspiration.

FYI: LRP, Linux Router Project, went off-line in 2005ish. I used LRP disks for years (1998-2006) as Seti@Home clients. I booted old computers from the floppy and loaded a Seti client from another disk and let them do all the calcs in memory. When ever the power went out I had to re-launch all systems. Read more →