Create Lasting Memories With These Halloween Recipes

Kids all over the country are gearing up for one of their favorite holidays, the Halloween season. This is the time where kids can get almost unlimited candy and treats to indulge their sences. Traditionally, treats for Halloween consisted of store bought candy corns, and other assorted Halloween favorites. Making caramel covered apples and popcorn balls used to be a long time favorite when it came to homemade Halloween treats. Today, there are more creative ideas available for you and your family than ever before.

In our house, baking is as much a tradition for Halloween as it is for most families for Christmas. We make cookies, cakes, and all sorts of different kinds of candy. You don’t have to have a lot of special equipment or fancy cookbooks to enjoy doing this. Most of what you need you’ll find in your cupboards or can pick up on your next grocery trip.

Grab a pack of Halloween cookie cutters and roll out some sugar cookies. You can use different colored icing, or you can even buy Halloween cookie and cake decorating kits at your local craft store that are packed full of fun shaped sprinkles, precolored frostings, and decorations that you can add. I even saw pumpkin and ghost shaped cupcake tins on our recent shopping trip.

Want to make bat treats? Not a problem. Bake up a batch of brownies in a 9 x 13 sheetpan. Instaed of slicing them into squares and rectangles like you normally would, grab a bat shaped cookie cutter. Pipe on some white icing fangs to make vampire bat, and add chocolate chip eyes if you want to an extra touch.

Halloween is a time of costume making and preparing special treats. It’s the perfect time of the year to get the kids involved in the kitchen and helping to prepare different types of dishes, including the fun and spooky ones. You’re not just making treats and goodies in the kitchen, you’re making holiday memories that will last a lifetime. So have a great time and enjoy the day with your family on the “sweetest” day of the year.

Even if you’re not having a Halloween party, you can still make great use of the fun Halloween recipes in this booklet to make your night special. Add a ghost story or two and you’re all set for the perfect October 31st with your family.