Crock Pot Recipes – Delicious

Crock pot recipes are so easy and delicious. They remind me of when I was little and my mom would have me start up the crock pot in the morning. By the time I got back from school, the meal was almost done. The prep was so easy, too. Just cut up some vegetables, add water and add some meat. Crock pot recipes allow you to prepare meals that are tender and succulent with very little effort. The slow cooking of the meat leaves you with such a tasty and succulent meal for dinner.

All crock pot recipes are designed to take advantage of the crock pot’s unique properties. Crock pots are electrically powered, and they can reach only moderate temperatures and cook food over very long periods, often for several hours. They are ideal for cooking all day at a safe and low temperature.

Crock pots were first introduced in the 1970s and they were a hit right away. They are made of heat-resistant materials like ceramics or porcelain and are usually round or oval in shape with a close-fitting lid. Whatever you do, never lift up the lid to see how things are going. This will ruin your meal.

There are many different types of crock pot recipes, but they all share some common elements. All of this type of recipe must involve some kind of liquid to prevent the main ingredient of the meal from drying out over the long cooking period. This liquid keeps the meat in a nice environment and helps tenderize the meat slowly. Some prefer chicken broth or another type of broth. By the time the crock pot is done cooking, the meat is so tender. While water is the most common liquid used, wine or broths can also be used. I usually just use water.

The liquid evaporates during cooking, but the lid re-condenses it and returns it to the dish, helping the food to stay moist and tender throughout. Many slow cooker recipes involve cheaper cuts of meat, as the long, gentle heating process breaks down the toughness of the meat and allows the flavour to grow and develop. This is nice for the family on a budget.

Try some of these delicious crock pot recipes.