Delicious Gourmet Meals, Simple and Easy!

Are you tired of the same dinner menu night after night? Do you want some ideas to spice up your meals? How would you like your everyday cuisine to resemble gourmet cooking? If the answer is yes, then you?ll be happy to know that it doesn’t take a lot of money or even a lot of experience to become a gourmet cook. All you need are a few basic pots and pans, a sharp knife for slicing and dicing, a couple of nice platters and some basic ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen pantry.

America?s unfortunate recession ha s at least produced some good in that it has forced people to be more creative in their own kitchens rather than eat out. By learning the secrets of gourmet cooking people are able to recreate their favorite restaurant meals in their own kitchen. And learning these recipes is now as easy as turning on your TV and watching one of the many famous chefs deliver their instruction right to your own home. The internet and library can also be a valuable resource and many gourmet recipes are a quick internet search away. With the wealth of information out there one can easily find clear instruction for creating flavorful and healthy gourmet dinners.

To create a gourmet meal, you need to start with the very best and freshest ingredients. This is where you want to use pure butter instead of margarine, cream instead of milk, fresh-squeezed lemon juice instead of bottled lemon, and fresh mushrooms instead of canned. An inexpensive bottle of white wine is also an important component of gourmet cooking.

Fresh herbs, onions, garlic and shallots add depth and flavor to any gourmet dish, and it?s always helpful to have a couple of boxes or cans of already-prepared chicken stock on the shelf. For a protein, think skinless chicken breasts or salmon. Rice, pasta and shredded cheese are food staples that should be in every kitchen, and frozen vegetables, such as broccoli, green beans or spinach can be the gourmet cook?s best friend.

It shouldn’t take much work, and with a little practice you will soon be able to start making meals that will be wonderful experiences for your friends and loved ones. Gourmet meals don?t have to be overly complicated either, something all it takes is simple, fresh ingredients to create a memorable meal that rivals some of your favorite restaurants.

A good saute pan is an essential tool in gourmet cooking. Pre-heating the pan before adding the butter helps sear and saute? whatever you add. When chopping, slicing, or dicing other ingredients, it is essential to make them all the same size. This is for uniformity in cooking, and also for presentation. Similar sized pieces add elegance to a plate, showing it has been prepared with love and care.

Presentation of the dish is as much important in gourmet cooking as preparing. A good presentation will make the food more delicious and appetizing. An attractive presentation will be appetizing since it will look great for the eyesight. Plain white platters are usually recommended. These kinds of platters will enable the food to be on the limelight. Garnishing is also important. This is usually done with parsley, cheese, or mushrooms. This will surely create an impression on your family and friends.

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