Do You Know These 5 Dieting Myths

If a myth gets passed a lot by numerous sources in no time it gets to be an absolute truth. There are dieting and eating myths that won’t hurt you at all while there are others that can put your health in danger. You just have to be careful. Here are 5 of the most common dieting myths and the truth about them:

1) Virgin olive oil has fewer calories than other cooking oils: far from being correct. Olive, sunflower seeds, nuts, peanut, corn oil and all oils contain almost the same number of calories regardless form what they are made. Virgin olive oil contains about 900 calories and it is made completely of fats. But virgin olive oil is much extra good for you than any other cooking oil you can ever use. It helps reduce the amount of bad cholesterol form your body while keeping the good cholesterol level at a beneficial level.. You can also use olive oil to clean your mouth, keep your teeth white and make stronger your gums. All you have to do is keep a spoon full of virgin olive oil in your mouth.

2)From all the meats you can consume fish is the less fatty choice:I don’t know how it happened but countless people think that fish contain fewer fats than any other type of meat, including low fat meat like chicken meat. The truth is that 100 grams of turkey meat contains only 3 grams of fat while 100 grams of tuna contains 13 grams of fats. You ought to still eat fish even if it is fattier and contains extra calories because the fats it contains are good nourishing fats. Fish contain omega 3 fats which help you prevent cardiovascular diseases.

3) The best source of iron is spinach: this dieting myth is as old as the world. We know it form out mothers and our mothers know it from their mothers. Spinach contains 90% water and only 4 mg of iron are found in 100 grams of spinach. Unfortunately spinach isn’t the greatest source of iron. There are foods that contain much more iron. From 100 grams of parsley you will get 10 mg of iron and form 100 grams of liver you will get 15 mg of iron. And there are much extra foods that contain more iron than spinach does .

4) Lemons are the best source of vitamin C:From 100 grams of lemons you can get about 75 mg of vitamin C but there are vegetables and fruits that contain even more vitamin C. Some of them are cabbage, dill, blackberries and much more… The best source of vitamin C are rose hips which contain over 200 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams. The pulp of rose hips is especially full of vitamin C. Related to this myth is the belief that sour green fruits are rich in vitamin C. The truth is that the fruits that get loads of sun exposure and are ripened and sweet contain much more vitamin C than green sour fruits.

5) Butter has more calories than margarine:if you are on a diet you should avoid eating them both.But if you just have to gobble one of them you should know that both have about the same caloric value, 360 calories per 100 grams. What differentiates butter from margarine is the quality of the fats they contain. Margarine contains vegetable unsaturated fats which are unhealthy while butter contains only saturated good for your health fats. Your body has an easier time using the saturated fats, but if you like margarine you can eat it because they both contain about the same amount of calories.

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