DVR – PVR Linux Media Center / Digital Video Recorders

mythbuntu_logoMythBuntu, Still and Alpha, but based on the stable Ubuntu 7.10. I have been an Ubuntu user since version 4, and each has amazed me as to how much better and refined Linux can get. If there ever is a Microsoft Killer, Ubuntu would be the first choice. Top that off with an install of MythTV and you will be a happy camper, or couch potatoe. 😉 remember Dan Quail?

KnoppMyth, my old time favorite based on Knoppix. This is a run from CD, boot CD and installer, with Server and Client versions all in one! Just make a whole bunch of copies and boot all the computers in your house (you do have more than one right…)

MythDora, Thats Fedora Core 6 not “the Explorer”… in a Boot DVD Installer. You will need to dedicate a drive to this and install.

Also notable is Linux MCE (, I have yet to try this, but it looks very good. It is not MythTV based but does have plug-in, in case you are running a Myth environment today.

A great comparison review is available: