Growing Taller Could Really Be Possible For A Number Of People

Genetically it is not possible for anyone to grow taller than their bodies have been programmed to grow. However many people want to know how to grow taller as short people often suffer from insecurities regarding their height. There are Russian hospitals you can go to, to have your legs broken and stretched, but do we really need to go to those kinds of lengths? (pun intended)

I am genetically short, my father is genetically short, my grandmother on my mothers side was and my grandfather on my fathers side was. So I got the short end of the stick, but not as badly as my daughter. She is only 4′7″, she was a premature baby, who was already genetically, vertically challenged, and never grew. Fortunately, this doesn’t bother her, she has the personality of someone much taller. But height and confidence are not the same for everyone.

It has been proven that nothing can be done to change genetic programming. Who knows perhaps some breakthrough will happen in our life time, or not. So you need to take what you have and can control to change matters. Your mental and physical outlook is just as important a nutrition, and having a holistic approach.

The law of attraction dictates that we can have whatever we want as long as we believe it, feel it and behave as if it already belongs to us. So what’s a few little inches of height? Its nothing with the help of positive thinking, and taking the necessary action to achieve it! Many adults have already done this and there are even documented accounts of people growing up to as much as 4 inches taller. There are a number of techniques, and stretching exercises which have to be done, but his is a small price to pay.

By stretching and exercising in the correct way you can grow in stature and feel healthier too. These exercises may be included in your normal day to day routine, with barely a disruption. They can be done in the shower, when sitting in front of the television, or when relaxing in your garden. You don’t need a special room or any special facilities either.

Put any doubts out of your mind and remain focused. You also have to be committed, starting a program such as this without commitment is a waste of time. To succeed you have to be positive, consistent and make an effort. Things are only achieved in relationship to the amount of effort which is put into them.

If you want to grow taller you have to do your bit, you will only see results if you maintain consistency. It is no use starting a program and giving up after a few weeks. That wouldn’t work in the gym when you build muscle, it won’t work if you are trying to build on your height.

Fiona Wyresdle writes for blog How to Grow Taller Naturally where you will find related articles such as tips on increasing your height.