How to Choose the Best Coffee Bean for Home Brewing

If you ask two people what the best coffee is, you will more than likely get two different answers. This is because everyones taste buds are different and what you like may not be palatable to someone else. However, there are some common things to look for to find the best coffee bean for your cup of coffee.

The first thing you must invest in is a coffee grinder. Forget about buying the coffee that comes already ground as you are cheating yourself out of the true flavor of the bean. The coffee just loses too much flavor after it has been ground and then sits for God only knows how long.

Another consideration is to make sure that you are getting your beans sealed in an air tight bag or container. You should also invest in a foodsaver for your home so that after you break the seal, you can continue to store them in an air tight environment. If not, the beans will start to lose their flavor the longer they are exposed to air.

Once you start looking at the actual beans, try and stick with Arabica beans for the best flavor. This has a much smoother and well rounded flavor than the Robusta bean. Most big name coffee shops as well as the neighborhood gourmet shops will use this type of coffee bean for their brews.

This is not to say that you will not see Robusta beans featured. However, it has a definitive bitter taste to it. It was very popular a few decades ago when the coffee machines were not as good as they are today. But there is now no need to suffer through such a rough tasting cup of coffee with the capabilities of the machines today.

The final consideration is not a must, but something to look for none the less. If you have the ability to get coffee beans as they are coming out of the roaster, take advantage of it. There is no better bean than one that immediately comes out of the roaster, gets sealed in the bag and then goes home with you. Getting them that fresh will definitely make a difference.

There is no full proof bean that will make everyone happy. As we said, what one person likes, another will not. It may take some trial and error, but keep these tips in mind and you will have a much better chance of finding the perfect bean.

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