Making a delicious ice cold drink cannot be made any faster than with a smoothie maker. It is tempting and easy to want that rich milkshake, but it is probably loaded with unwanted fat and in excess of calories. Your smoothie can be made in a flash and will taste absolutely refreshing and delicious with less than half the calories of the normal milkshake.

This blender-like appliance is somewhat different from the ordinary blender. For one thing, the wattage power is higher so that it is possible for the ice to be crushed more efficiently from a cube into the blended drink. The power of the machine and its shape pulls the ingredients down toward the blades so the blending and crushing take place all at once.

Look for glass or plastic containers. If the children will be using the appliance, it is wiser to get the plastic container for safety sake. The plastic washes very well and is lighter in weight. The glass container is heavier and if broken would cost much more to replace.

The shape of the smoothie machine is wider at the top and funnels down towards the blades. At the bottom is a spout for dispensing the liquid. Usually the pieces of the machine come apart for easy cleaning. The blades are sharp, but it is the power of the motor that really does the crushing work. You should take care when cleaning any blades.

Smoothie recipes are simple and even simpler because the containers often have measurement markings on the side for easy measuring. All recipes use fresh fruit, yogurt or milk, and ice. If you need more nutritional value, add protein powder, but remember that the powdered protein is loaded with calories. So be aware of your ingredients and what you are trying to accomplish by drinking smoothies.

Growing children often need supplements for better growth. The smoothie maker is a great way to help them get more of what they need in a refreshing and delicious way. Breakfast doesn’t have to have a cereal bowl when protein from the yogurt or milk makes the smoothie a great breakfast for fussy tweens and teens. This gives your smoothie maker a job for year round meal making.

For your benefit, the smoothie maker changes your powdered diet drink into a luscious shake like treat. The maker takes up little space in a kitchen on the counter, but opens a completely new treat maker for the family. Choose wisely for your needs and then enjoy!

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