Linux Distribution Review

Distributions or flavors we run here at “Home”


  • Web: AMD X2 64 with CentOS 5x Cluster with Virtalmin.
  • Email: Dell 8100 P4, Fedora 7 / Zimbra.
  • NAS/SAN: Compaq P3-700, Openfiler.
  • FW: Compaq P3-400, Soothwall.
  • Wireless: Linksys, OpenWRT.

Laptop: Compaq Armada M700, Ubuntu LTS; IBM 600e, Ubuntu

Kids: Dell 8100 P4, Qimo

Office Laptop: Knoppix 6.x CD in at all times to avoid the horrible WinXP the company uses.

Wife: Mac…


Web Servers: CentOS 5.x: This is what Fedora should have done to RedHat, years and years ago. While I appreciate all that the Fedora team has done for the RedHat distribution, the lack of a true server environment has hurt the distribution. I am not new to Fedora, I have used it since FC 2 for servers, FC 1 was when I tested the possibility of switching from Windows web servers. CentOS has taken all the frilly stuff away and left behind a smooth solid, well thought out server. Layer Virtualmin on top of CentOS and you have the “Perfect Server”.

For Web hosting primarily we use WordPress, Drupal, Joomla for blogs and storefronts. Message boards, Galleries and more open source plugins are used to complete the web sites. Google Adwords/Analytics are used for analysis and SEO optimization.

to be cont…

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