Meat Lasagna – Cooking Tips

I love cooking and eating lasagna. However, it can be tough and intimidating, but with the right cooking tips, you can make it delicious. Most tips that you’ve heard of before, I left out and only wanted to include tips that you probably haven’t seen before. With these tips you are guaranteed to make a delicious lasagna.

For the meat sauce, I combine a couple types of meat. I like to use 3 meats: beef, pork and turkey for the best flavor. I prefer using dried noodles and I make sure to add a lot of the sauce around the noodles. This will allow the noodles to soften up while baking and the lasagna will not be runny because I did not boil the noodles before adding them to the lasagna.

With any recipe, fresher is always better. There is no dish out there that tastes better with ingredients that are not fresh. When I think of what needs to be fresh in the lasagna, it starts with the cheese. With the Parmesan cheese, I prefer the freshly grated type. And with mozzarella cheese, you have to find the best and the freshest type of mozzarella. This step is pretty easy. Buy fresh cheese.

Do not add liquid to your pasta sauce. You want your sauce to be thick, especially if you add veggies to your sauce. The veggies will add extra liquid to your pasta sauce.

Cover your lasagna with aluminum foil while it bakes to avoid burning the top of the lasagna. You can remove the aluminum foil during the last 20 minutes of baking. This will allow the top of the lasagna to cook nicely and brown without burning.

You have to lubricate the bottom of your baking dish or the lasagna will stick to it. Be sure to spray your baking dish AND put a little sauce on the bottom so the noodles won’t stick or get tough.

Drain meat VERY well to keep lasagna from being runny.

Use eggs for binder. Try three eggs with meat, spaghetti sauce, cream cheese, cottage or ricotta cheese, mozzarella, and noodles.

You can find hundreds of lasagna tips throughout the internet. I’ve just included the most important tips for your lasagna. You can also make vegetarian lasagna, but I absolutely love Meat Lasagna and that’s all I usually make. Good luck with your lasagna!

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