Boat Cleaning

Let’s remember our friends of the sea! Although “Armored Hull*â„¢” is a great protector of the sea, we need to remember our “marine life friends”. When you want to “do – it – yourself – cleaning” here are some basic household staples that will do the job without harm to the environment. To bleach: Borax or hydrogen peroxide. To polish… Read more →

Aging Tequila

Curing Your Barrel First rinse the inside of the barrel by filling and emptying 2 or 3 times to remove any wood debris. Prior to use, your barrel must be filled with water or submerged for approximately 3 to 5 days. This will allow the oak to expand and retain liquid. (the barrel will leak until cured) After this initial… Read more →

1998 Reserve Fleet Inventory

Following is the April 1998 Reserve Fleet Inventory prepared by:- US DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Maritime Administration 400 Seventh Street, S. W. Washington, DC 20590 Prepared by:-Maritime Administration, Office of Ship Operations, Division of Reserve Fleet Abbreviations:- BRF =Beaumont Reserve Fleet JRRF =James River Reserve Fleet SBRF =Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet RRF-Breakbulk GULF BANKER 1963 C3-S-37d BRF GULF FARMER 1963 C3-S-37d… Read more →