Pregnant Womens Exercise

Pregnancy Fitness Ideas. When you find out you have a little one coming, your first thoughts are of the blessing that is on the way. Your preparation probably surrounds how to get the family, the house, and every other detail in order. But what about taking care of you? If you always were in shape, how do you stay in shape? And if your idea of staying in shape was a quick trip to the couch, is it too late to get in shape now? What are some good fitness ideas for staying in shape when you are pregnant?

Pregnancy Fitness Ideas.. We are going to start out with the same caveat we would bring to any exercise and pregnancy regime: consult your doctor first. If he or she gives you the green light, then put together a program. Then start with some stretching exercise. Try some rotations of the neck, arms, and shoulders. Lie on your back and try some light leg lifts.

If you are a fan of Yoga, you know it will certainly fit into your pregnancy. If you are not already a fan, this is a good a time as any to get with it. Yoga uses breathing and relaxing techniques, something any pregnant woman should become familiar with anyway. Yoga also will help keep your muscles in shape But what if you dont want to push yourself during pregnancy? Can you jog? If it is okay with the doc, you should be able to keep running as long as you are comfortable. Once you are about halfway to term, you should taper off. You also might want to replace your jogging routine with a power walk.

Pregnancy Fitness Ideas.. Swimming may also be a good way to get exercise, as long as you take it easy. The nice thing about swimming is that you can stay cool while giving your muscles a workout. The key to pregnancy exercises should be to get those muscles that you are going to need the most. Early on, you can focus on your abdominal muscles. As time goes by, leg muscles will become more important, so you should prepare them to.

Pregnancy Fitness Ideas.. Kegel exercises will furthermore help you focus on your pelvic muscles. This can become particularly important if you are trying to avoid incontinence problems. To test these muscles, try starting and stopping the stream of urine. If you are unable to end the flow, you should include pelvic floor exercises as part of your pregnancy fitness program. If you are feeling faint or giddy end the exercise intensity or discontinue exercising altogether and grab a carbohydrate meal or snack. Exercise can continuously lead to a better lifestyle. During a pregnancy, an appropriate plan can help you cope. Best of luck

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