Reasons Why You Should Go for Teak Furniture

There are a lot of furniture shops out there offering wooden furniture. House furniture can be made of oak, teak, mahogany, or ebony, to name a few. But the most famous type of furniture is teak. Teak wood mostly comes from Indonesia, Burma, Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Teak furniture has that elegance and durability that most people are looking for in furniture. Although this can also be used inside the house, you can also create beautiful teak furniture out of it for the outdoors. What people are beginning to discover about teak is its sustainable quality. Teak has natural oils that make it resistant to any weather conditions. This component also makes it resistant to any pest invasions, molds and mildews that can start rotting.

Why is there so much good publicity over teak? The reasons have become apparent. Teak is weather resistant and can survive any type of wood infection that results to rotting. It is also invulnerable to diseases and pests like termites.

Unlike other types of wood which changes in shape after years of use, teak stays as is when you first bought it. Teak is used usually for patio tables, benches, deep seats and the like. It may look worn out or dry after a few years but you can easily restore it by using the right restoration agents available in the market or you can sand-paper polish to remove the stains. Better yet, leave it as it.

Teak is a rare type of wood that is why some countries have imposed restrictions in terms of volume that can be imported from countries like Indonesia, Burma and Philippines. Although the prices have also followed suit, furniture made of teak is still a hot commodity in the furniture industry.

It is understandable that teak furniture is now considered one of the most expensive wood products. This is mainly due to the rarity of this type of wood which can also be used as loungers, bar sets, umbrella sets and trolleys and a variety of ways to explore this durable material.

Given the longevity of this type of wood, teak furniture is indeed a good investment. It is more expensive that your regular lumber and of course plastic, but the durability outweighs the costs. If you can have a set of teak patio furniture for more than one generation of your family, it is worth the price. Even though it is quite expensive, people are seeing the importance of durability.

Companies have manufactured different styles, colors and set pieces for teak products. It will be a good addition to your veranda even without the embellishments or accessories. Teak wood is said to be the strongest wood in the world, and you can bet that nothing can top that.

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