Stuffed Pizza Crust Made Simple

Evolution has occurred in the pizza industry again; the stuffed pizza crust. Some like the crust more than the pie now!

Pizza like a lot of foods is very personal to many people. They have a strict idea of just what they want on their pie when they order out;usually the same combination every time. Now they have to weigh in on stuffed pizza crust.

I don’t think anyone really knows where it originated. It just appeared in a TV commercial one day and became an overnight sensation. I believe all the large franchise chains have a version of a stuffed pizza crust now. Of course anything really popular usually comes with a premium price. Stuffed pizza crust pizzas are no exception.

But there is an alternative in these tight budget times. Why not make your own? I’m talking crust and all from scratch. It’s really not that difficult and the variety of stuffed pizza crust pizzas you can make is virtually endless, both in the toppings and cheese choices.

Look no further that the Web for your dough recipe. Most contain very limited and simple ingredients. You can just go with a plain flour dough or opt for something a little more exotic like using whole wheat flour or placing herbs into the dough. Endless varieties are at hand, even for stuffed pizza crust pizzas.

Yeast is the key ingredient in most pizza doughs. This leavener creates air inside the dough so it won’t be tough. After allowing the yeast to become active in warm water for a few minutes, it is combined with flour and more water and stirred to form a ball. This ball of dough is allowed to rise, then is punched down to remove large air pockets and rolled out to shape. You are close to final assembly of your stuffed pizza crust pizza at this point.

Stuffed pizza crust pizza making is like making any other pizza with one little step added; getting the cheese inside the outside crust. Seem difficult? It’s really not at all. Simply roll out the dough until it’s about four inches longer and wider than the pan you plan to use to bake in on. Pick up the rolled-out dough and place it over the pan until it has about an equal amount of dough overhanging each side. Now using either store-bought cheese sticks or some of your favorite grated cheese, place a narrow pile of cheese all the way around the edge of the pie about 1 1/2 inches in from the edge. To finish, start folding over the outside flap of dough over the cheese and press it into the inside dough to seal it. Keep working around the pie until you get back to where you started. You’ve just made the basic stuffed pizza crust pizza dough base.

Now add your favorite toppings and bake as instructed on the recipe. Congratulations! You’ve just given birth to your very first stuffed pizza crust!

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