The Proper Diet for Building Muscles Fast

Most new bodybuilders reach a point where they start to wonder, why have they stopped growing? This stage is where most bodybuilders give up and the persisting ones end up with success. Muscle building is not only a sport where by you will make improvements by training hard. Muscles are part of our bodies. This is why the food we eat is really important. In this article, I will share with you one important topic of the muscle building diet. What to eat to gain muscles fast?

Often times, people do not fully understand the level of commitment it requires to grow muscle mass quickly. Listed below is a detailed example of a diet plan you should implement on a muscle building day. Let’s start with the morning.

Upon waking, your body requires food rich in nutrients. A combination of three eggs without the yolks and a full glass of milk is a great start, followed by cereal with milk. This meal is high in protein and carbohydrates. The protein provides the building blocks for your muscles while the carbohydrates provide your body with the energy it needs to sustain a good workout. Eggs coincidently are a natural source of protein.

Your next meal should be taken in the morning before your workout. A combination of a high protein shake, yogurt and fruit juice is excellent. The protein in this drink allows your muscles to sustain the workout ahead while the carbohydrates in the drink give the body its much needed energy as well as assisting in the absorption of the protein.

After your workout, take 4 pieces of white bread, 3 eggs and a protein shake. This meal serves to kickstart your muscle recovery and growth plan. White bread provides you with easily digested carbohydrates that keep your insulin levels high. The protein from the eggs and protein shake serves to recover your muscles with a boost in growth. Without sufficient protein, you will not grow!

During the mid afternoon, take a chicken breast or a piece of salmon. Remember to eat them steamed. Food can lose its nutritional values when you fry them! There are many recipes available online that tell you how to cook them to taste good without the harmful stuff.

The next meal is the second to the last and should be eaten around 4pm. A combination of three eggs and oatmeal. As mentioned earlier, eggs are a natural source for protein. The oatmeal provides your body with calories without harmful fats. It is important to remember that you need low fat oatmeal, those that taste good are loaded with sugar and ruin your entire muscle building plan.

Lastly, take your last meal between 7-9pm. After 9, you should try to keep off food. During this time of the day, you will need less energy as you’ll be sleeping. While sleeping, little calories are burnt and the remainder gets stored as fats. Take a protein supplement like a slow acting protein shake for this meal. The purpose is to ensure that your body has a constant source of protein even as you are sleeping. This will aid your muscle recovery plan!

As you can see, muscle building is not only about your workout. Your diet requires the highest levels of commitment in order to give you those lean muscle masses that you’ve always wanted in a short time!

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