Want to Know How to Dunk a Basketball?

It’s always easier if you’re privileged enough to stand tall, but many of us are medium height or even below average. This doesn’t stop us from being great basketball players and there’s no reason we shouldn’t know how to dunk a basketball. Still, it’s a lot tougher without those extra inches. The good news is that with hard work, you can get there. Here are a few things to keep in mind that may help.

1. If you’re at the point where you can reach rim, it’ll still take some work to dunk. One of the quickest ways to train yourself before making the jump is to try dunking with a tennis ball. It’s much easier to palm and is a great way to start out.

2. It’s important to both have leg strength and great endurance when learning how to dunk a basketball. By standing right under the basket and jumping without any kind of a running start, you’ll build both your legs and your endurance. Do fixed position jumps about 25 straight times, with no major rest in between jumps (a few seconds in between each jump tops).

3. Hopefully you have some leg muscle to help you out. If you don’t, start doing squats and dead lifts.

4. Work the back of your legs (hamstring muscles and calves). All of these things will make your jumps more explosive and you’ll be one step closer to knowing how to dunk a basketball.

5. Everyone knows that your legs must be strong, but few people realize that a strong stomach and a strong lower back really help out too. Do sit-ups and some other exercises that focus on these parts of the body.

6. Make sure you own a comfortable set of basketball shoes. They should be lightweight enough for you not to be impacted by the size of the shoes.

7. Adjust your diet. Intake of the right foods can easily help you get the maximum height out of your jumps. Your energy level is crucial when taking the steps toward knowing how to dunk a basketball.

8. This one is my secret weapon. I had to spend a few dollars for it, but it was well worth it considering that I spent years trying to learn how to dunk a basketball with no success. After buying a training course that gave me videos, workout plans, and more, I was able to dunk a basketball after about 8 weeks of practice.

To find out exactly what I used to learn how to dunk and the methods that will end up increasing vertical jump, check out my blog.