Weight Reduction Explained – Easily Lose 20 Pounds

If you can reduce the stress in your life, and take more rest, you could just reduce your weight at the same time. We find it hard to say no, and so end up rushing around doing far too many tasks – often skimping things instead of taking the time to do them well. We become anxious and overwrought sorting through all of our challenges. We feel the need to ‘comfort eat’ and the pounds pile on.

However, it now appears possible that there is a scientific correlation between times of stress and eating fattening food. This is the thinking behind weight gain that is stress related: When the human body undergoes enduring tension, it exudes the stress-hormone cortisol.

As a result, this stimulates the release of insulin in an effort to make our blood-sugar level stable. This insulin release makes us feel hungry- particularly for carbohydrate and fat-rich foods. And so we give in to our cravings, and our energy picks up again.

Our stress levels stabilise and we feel more at one. But very soon afterwards, our energy boost plummets! To explain – the glucose now in our bloodstream is captured by the insulin and transferred to the fat deposits around our body.

So when we’re looking to establish a new diet regime, we might just help ourselves even more if we look to establish a less stressful lifestyle. Alongside this concept, think about how much sleep you’re getting. Some years ago, the average night’s sleep was eight hours – now we’re lucky if we manage seven.

The levels of obesity in our society have risen considerably over the same period. Research shows that when we’re short of sleep, our appetite hormones rise. More waking hours equate to a greater need for nourishment.

Evidently our longing for food rises as we become more tired, and again we veer towards carbohydrates and fatty food. Having eight hours of quality sleep may be just what’s needed to retrain our hunger hormones.

So perhaps one key to weight loss (along with a great eating program of course), is to look at the ways in which we can simplify our lives and enjoy more relaxation. Remember everything doesn’t have to be done yesterday! Then take a little time to reflect as day turns into evening, have a nice warm shower and lie down to rest and enjoy the recuperation.

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