Why Wheat Grass is Becoming More Popular in the Quest for Health

Wheat grass is a grass which belongs to the family of grasses such as barley and rye which we are more familiar with. The type that is used to make juice is not grown outdoors but indoors on special trays. Much of the dehydrated grass that is about sixty days old is mainly used in nutritional supplements. Such juice when combined with some of the sprouted wheat berries is particularly rich in chlorophyll content.

This beneficial drink is able to neutralize a lot of the toxins in the body as well as slowing down the ageing process and general cleansing. It is also believed to reduce the risk of developing cancers. A lot of people are aware of the benefits of the juices after seeing those TV adverts for the Jack Lalanne juicer which extol the virtue of fresh juices.

Wheat grass can help with a lot of serious diseases as has been shown by a number of studies by medical professionals. Like aloe vera, the herbal form, used as a medicine is believed to possess healing properties. It is interesting to note that cats and dogs when ill or sick will frequently be found nibbling on grass. All the rotten food that sits in the alimentary canal, producing toxins, can be neutralized by this food. Most of the toxins and additives found in the diet can be detoxified and neutralized by the enzymes found in wheat grass.

The life blood of plants is chlorophyll which makes the plants a green color. The chlorophyll and enzymes in the wheat grass can be destroyed by cooking. It is, therefore, advisable not to do this but to consume it in its fresh form. An interesting point is that many grass eating animals rarely get cancer, which could be due to them consuming chlorophyll in the fresh form. Chlorophyll does not detoxify the body itself but has certain enzymes present in it that do have the power to detoxify.

A lot of people who have gone out and bought a juicer by Jack Lalanne understand all too well the benefits of juicing. Producing a fruit juice with added wheat grass will give a delicious, refreshing nutritious beverage. They can be a significant boost to health as they are full of essential vitamins and minerals.

Juices have well known cleansing effects on the body. That is the main reason most of the doctors prescribe taking vegetable and fruit juices when we have a stomach ache or are not simply feeling well. A surprising but little known fact is that weight for weight, wheat grass has more amounts of protein than fish, eggs and beans and more iron than spinach.

All in all, wheat grass should be considered one of the superfoods. It is no surprise, therefore, that more people are discovering its health benefits. Experience the wonders of this superfood and try adding it to your daily diet today .

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