Dutch’s Treat Restoration

A detailed log of what I did to restore Dutch’s Treat, a 1972 Pearson 30. Now renamed yet Another One…

yet ANOTHER one.com
6/8 Purchase

6/18: Pumped Bilge, removed sails for c/o, tidied interior

6/29: Bottom shell / sand blasted by yard

7/4: Opened blisters

7/9: opened blisters,

moisture meter readings:

hull – 10%

Bottom – 15-18%

Keel – 16-17% also noted keel delamination

7/16: Sand blisters, Turned engine by hand, removed 1 battery to chrg.

7/18: Sand blisters, Turned engine by starter, removed 2nd battery to chrg. Acetone hull to remove marks, name.

7/20: Tightened screws on deck. Rigging & haliard checked. Jib haliard bad. Spin haliard bad. No cracked swedge fitting found. Outhaul gearing not functioning. Freed roller furling, needs grease/oil.

7/24: drained 10gal diesel, 5-10 to go…
Changed oil filter. Needs 2 new fuel filters and Racor filter. Bleed low pressure fuel. Filled with fresh fuel and attempted starting. Needs 2 new belts. No spare impeller, need 2. Need smaller hose to change oil. Need 2 air filters. Cleaned air intake port, clogged w/oil and old filter. New combination lock! Pulled engine stop cable, replace w/10′.

7/27: Attempted to remove air intake port, one bolt not accessable. Couldn’t remove high pressure fuel line to fwd cyl, 17mm.

7/30: drained remaining diesel, added 5 gal new diesel, cranked engine and noticed exhaust fumes from air intake, gave up w/engine!

7/31: found out debris may be blocking intake valves…diesel may not be dead!

8/2: Paint thinner didn’t remove Name or boot stripe

8/3 lunch: InterStrip 299E took the name and boot stripe off in a small section.

8/3: Remove Exhaust Elbow and saw exhaust fumes when cranking the engine. So…valves are jammed open on intake and head will need to be opened. Replace valves, pistons, rings, liners. Removed almost all of boot stripe, blue-green-blue-white.

8/4: Pulled Head discharge? Through-hull. Head and engine inlet are the same size. Have Vinyl ester resin. Sink and Galley drains are larger and do not have valves, also the cockpit drains are the same. Head holding tank through-hull broke!!! 2-2-1/2″ through-hull?

8/5 eve: Continued trying to remove head overboard through-hull, no luck yet, need 1 more lg pipe wrench. Engine cooling water in, need 1 1/8″ wrench.

8/6: Filled in hole in bottom of keel. Almost ready to sand. Engine repair manual ordered.

8/10: Finished filling hole in bottom of keel and sanded. Removed engine through-hull, removed depth sounder, Speedo installed backwards. Sanded blisters covered by Stands. Cleaned Marine Tex from skeg and prop through-hull. Removed tiller to refinish.

8/12: Removed head ovbd valve, need to cut off through-hull. Pulled off valve cover and checked for valve movement, all looked good. Freed compression release lever on #1 cylinder. Replaced cover and STARTED THE ENGINE!!!!!! Started it 4 times to make suie it was not a fluke. Charged batteries a little. Applied more stripper to tiller.

8/13: Removed belts and impeller to find replacements. Sanded Fiberglass repairs.

8/14: More filler on keel. Sanded hull to remove white paint covering scratches. Opened gouges on bow. Sanded name smooth.

8/17: Yard moved keel blocks so i can finish keel repair.

8/18: lunch. More filler on keel dmg.

8/20: Got engine parts. Cleaned bottom witn MEK. Applied 2 coats of Vinyl Ester Resin to bottom.

8/21: Applied 3rd coat of VER to bottom.

8/25: Applied coat of VER w/fiberglass to stbd side blisters.

8/26: Applied coat of VER w/fiberglass to Stbd side.

8/27: Applied coat of VER w/fiberglass to port side. Used 1 gal marine tex as filler to smooth bottom, port & 1/2 stbd. Filled topside hull scratches w/ Marine Tex.

8/29: Finished Marine Tex stbd side. Filled topside hull scratches w/ Marine Tex.

8/30: Sanded bottom w/finish sander.

8/31: Sanded bottom w/finish sander.

9/1: Sanded bottom w/finish sander.

9/2: Sanded bottom w/finish sander.

9/3: Applied 4th coat VER to bottom.

9/4: Applied 5th coat VER to bottom.

9/6: Light finish sand bottom. Bottom paint 1st coat.

9/7: Registered Boat.


Start engine with shore water and fun for 10 minutes or more

Pull shaft/prop – replace prop, replace shaft bearing
clean lockers & drawers

measure / replace galley

measure / replace cushions



Sanding Masks