Healthy Ways To Lose Weight Safely – An Analysis

Book stores have shelves full of autobiographical memoirs of various different achievers. From glamour models to empire builders, they all have a different story to tell. But each has a common thread – they overcame adversity by focusing on the positives. That is the way of the world; to achieve in life we must allow positive affirmations of why ‘we can’ to flood our consciousness, and drown out all the reasons why we can’t.

For people who are on a slimming diet, this attitude to weight loss is the key. To successfully complete a weight reduction program, an optimistic mindset is the biggest tool in a dieter’s workbox. An optimistic approach brings about all sorts of opportunities to achieve. It throws up possibilities we might not previously have thought of. On the other hand, a negative outlook blocks us and numbs our ‘can-do’ receptors.

This is because of our Reticular Activation System – a mechanism that automatically tells our brain what to focus on. Over our lives, we’ve experienced a huge number of things that no longer remain in our conscious thoughts – the bulk of what we’ve learned moves from our conscious mind to our sub-conscious mind, a kind of store cupboard stocked up with all our past knowledge and beliefs.

When we attempt to do something, our RAS (Reticular Activation System) will search for anything of significance in the sub-conscious mind, and bring it to our attention. If we’re taking a walk for example, only the things that have meaning to us will be noticed.

So if the sub conscious has been fed a diet of optimistic and hopeful things, it will bounce the positives back. However, we can only expect unhelpful, depressing thoughts to be returned if that’s what was originally sown.

It appears that we can influence the messages going through to our sub-conscious minds by deliberately programming our RAS, and selecting the exact messages the conscious mind transfers. As such, it’s a vital tool for hitting goals – as the sub-conscious mind can’t tell the difference between real or imaginary events.

So it’s vital to construct an exact picture in our conscious mind of what we want. Then our RAS will transfer it to our sub conscious mind, and help us meet our goals. All because the positive, meaningful material is brought into focus, and not left ‘lost’ in the background.

According to the author Napoleon Hill, if we focus positively on any practical goal, we can achieve it. Naturally, if we’ve bombarded our thinking with negative and defeat, we can expect exactly that.

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