Kitchen Mixer – Hand Mixers Or Stand Mixers

Cooking is an art form and many people share a love to create beautiful and tasty food. If you send a lot of time in your kitchen making up some masterpieces, having a kitchen mixer is surely considered a tool that you could not live without.

Making dough is a common use for a kitchen mixer but this is just one thing you can use it for. Mixers are used for mixing cake batters, mixing cream, beating egg whites and even mixing thick peanut butter cookie dough.

When mixers are designed, they are made to withstand some serious pressure. Sometimes mixtures are very thick, such as the peanut butter cookie dough that was mentioned above. If you were trying to mix that by hand it would take a lot of strength and time. No matter how many ingredients there are, a mixer will defiantly make it easier for you.

When choosing a mixer you will have to decide if you want to purchase a hand held mixer or if a stand mixer will be better for your needs. They are both great to have and there are benefits to having either one.

If you need a mixer that is light weight and can be used by anyone, the hand mixer would be the right choice for you. Not only is it light, the cleanup is an easy process. Just click out the beaters and wash them. If you happened to be a messy mixer, you might need to wipe down the outside casing of the mixer to thoroughly clean it up.

The noise that the mixer puts off while in use is also a difference between the two styles. The stand mixers tend to be somewhat quieter than a hand held mixer. The placement of the motor in the machine is a determining factor into how loud or quiet it will be.

Hand held mixers come in a variety of colors. They can be found in almost any color and you will definitely be able to find one that will match your kitchen decor. Whether you want a mixer in red or black, you are sure to find one.

If storage is a concern for you, the hand mixer will definitely be easier. Because they are light weight and much smaller than a stand mixer they can be placed in a drawer or even a cabinet and will take up just a little space in each. They are very compact so it makes it much easier to store.

Most stand mixers are a lot more bulky than a hand mixer. They tend to be displayed on the counter tops or, if there is room, put away in a cabinet somewhere. Storage is definitely a bigger challenge with a stand mixer.

Just like the hand mixers, you can find stand mixers that will look wonderful in your kitchen no matter what design you have. You can decide what color you would like and in some cases have the entire set, even the bowl, in the color of your choice.

If you are looking for a mixer because you will be making a large amount of a food, a stand mixer may be the best choice for you. With a stand mixer you can add the ingredients in a bowl and let it do the work. You will be freed up while the mixer is taking care of the mixing to finish the other preparation that you need to do.

Owning a kitchen mixer can save you time and reduce some of the labor in mixing. If you are home chef or just a lover of food, you will ask yourself how you ever did all of that cooking before you had your mixer.

Melinda Kingsley is a mother of 3 children. She writes mixer reviews in her blog. You can find kitchen mixer reviews and stand mixer reviews in her blog.