Philip Lawlor-Resume-2007

Philip Lawlor
271 Soundview Avenue
Stamford, CT 06902
C: 203.219.3551

Seasoned IT professional able to take ideas from concept to completion. Strengths include an understanding of current technologies and installations, strong attention to detail and keen problem solving skills.


Vertrue, Inc. (formerly Memberworks) 3/00-present

Senior Manager Information Strategies

– Designed, managed and implemented a project to move out member email communications from our legacy application to a more dynamic a faster to market solution. SOX compliance, statistical reporting and an open interface to our affiliate companies were key factors in my design.

– Designed, managed and implemented a Commission Payment System to replace the previous process which was manually maintained in Excel files. Investigated the needs, located the data sources, internal and external, and designed a SOX compliant system that was web based and had interfaces to the existing data warehouse. A SOX compliant approval process of commission payment structures and payments was created in .Net and leveraged interface design with the CBR project.

– Designed, managed and implemented a module for CBR to take marketing campaign renewal data from the AS400 and automatically create renewal campaigns. This monthly process took the place of a manual process in Siebel requiring, 10-15 personnel. By managing the rules in CBR, Account Management personnel can now manage marketing campaigns with little to no manual intervention and provide full audit capabilities, thusly complying with SOX regulations.

– Designed, managed and implemented a Corporate Business Rules (CBR) add on to Siebel 7. CBR converted the rules in the Client Rules Database and used them to apply default field values and field validation on the fly to Siebel screens. This project allowed us to remove hard coded values in Siebel and put them into a database that did not require programming to update the business rules. A business process requiring VP approval for rules to be “live” was put into place. This nTier application was built in .Net, utilizing COM+, and web services, the application was so user friendly that the CFO stated: “All our applications should look like this!” This project reduced marketing campaign setup errors by 66%. CBR greatly re-enforced SOX compliance for Vertrue.

– Siebel 7 Implementation. Lead the Technical Analysis Team for the conversion from Siebel 5 to 7. Lead the Implementation Phase, arranged testing, bug fixing, training and roll out strategies.

– Implemented Test Track Pro and created an SOX compliant internal process for bug tracking.

– Designed, managed and implemented a web based Client Rules Database (CRD) that replaced all spreadsheets that were circulated by multiple departments to the Operations department. This project eliminated the translation errors of the Operations department when they compiled the information into their own format. I standardized the Input data and the output reports for each department, greatly reducing the translation errors. This system also helped the company remain SOX compliant.

– Hired to create and manage a staff of web developers to bring in house the 6 current web sites and build 4 more. Current development staff consisted of 4 programmers in the Omaha office and 2 in California, plus 3 outside agencies each managing one site. Original estimates were for 10-15 people to maintain the static html sites. I brought in 2 freelance programmers to take over the sites from outside agencies and hired one senior programmer to manage them and take over the one live and one in final development in Omaha, reducing our operating expenses to 1/4. Due to the high rate of change in the product web sites and the low money making opportunity of the sites I designed a system that would better facilitate the needs of the Marketing team. I hired 2 programmers and 2 freelance to construct the database driven system. Estimating one senior programmer and 2 programmers to maintain the system once developed, actual staff was reduced to one senior and one programmer when the system went live. The system uses Microsoft NT, SQL Server and compiled applications to produce html for the client and XML communications to the database. The system also communicates live to our AS400 data servers in Omaha for checking membership status and ordering benefits.

Personal Experience. 8/02-present

– After 2 years of hosting WinNT/2K & MS SQL Server web sites at home I decided to switch to Linux. For the Server I choose RedHat 7.3 and MySQL for its popularity and stability. I have since migrated to Fedora servers running Mambo web sites, due to the stronger code base.

– The Goal was to reduce custom coding time and host more sites. This was accomplished by choosing phpNuke as the site engine. Add on modules allowed me to leverage current site features ( against out of the box features to give the users much more functionality with little to no maintenance time. After converting the first site I converted 3 others and have now created a total of 10 sites. I have since migrated to Fedora servers running Mambo web sites.

– Also needed was a personal email system. I chose the QVCS design. QMail (Mail Transport), Vmailmgr (Virtual Mail Manager), Courier (Imap Service), Squirrelmail (IMAP webmail system). This design gives both browser and mail client access to personal email. I added an application called SMLite, which required modifying a few bugs to work with the newer versions of php, I also returned the modified code the developer, This allowed Palm i705 and WAP access to the email server with minimal screens to reduce load times.

Playtex Products, Inc. 10/97-2/00

Senior Analyst Web Technologies

– Lead in the design and implementation of a project that gave access to a legacy AS/400 application via a browser. This project required updating our 56k connection to our web server to a T1 and installing and configuring new web/DNS and email servers as well as Cisco PIX firewalls in two locations. A host server
was added as an application to our Intranet to give AS400 “green screen” access to a legacy Order Inquiry application.

– Managed the maintenance of three brand web sites and one corporate site. Worked with HR, Communications and Marketing Directors to revive interest in the projects and budget money for future projects. Served on an e-Commerce Task Force lead by the VP of Sales as a technical liaison. This task force teamed with an outside consultant defined the direction that Playtex Products will take to get into e-Business and presented this information to the CEO and Board of Directors.

– Took over Corporate Dial-up Intranet project after users refused to use the system. Identified key errors and made necessary changes to create usable system within two weeks. Then took a next step towards proving the value of a web based Intranet by creating a secure section of the corporate web site and gave two sales divisions pages to post and download files. These changes increased user hits from 2-3 per day to over twenty out of 40 field users and significantly decreased the time to download files.

– Created a project plan and modified budget for the Intranet project to have a three person staff. Modifications included access from the Internet, easier file finding for downloading and uploading, a bulletin board system, email, HR forms and information, pre-built reports, access to the Data Warehouse for custom reporting, data replication servers for live reporting.

Senior Programmer/Analyst

– Completed automation and managed roll out of Sales Volume Data Warehouse. Instructed programmer/Analyst on existing system and worked as consultant to Sales/Marketing department on use and maintenance of the system.

– Created the infrastructure between MIS desktop support and application development and the Sales support staff to support the Data Warehouse project, future projects and its users.


– Assisted in creating Sales Volume Data Warehouse. Analyzed existing business systems, reporting systems and user needs.

– Aided in optimizing a Financial Data Warehouse already in production. Reduced overall processing time from eleven hours to eight.

– Created for Help Desk/Computer Inventory database in Access 97 used simultaneously in Westport and Dover Offices. Created analysis reports to benchmark Help Desk staff and analyze trouble areas. Computer Inventory db was used to aid in Windows 95/Office 97 upgrade and in Y2K testing of desktops.

Link Systems
Senior Developer/Project Manager

– Accompanied President and account executive as the technical / inside sales representative to client meetings. Managed the needs analysis and program design as well as development, deployment and support of all applications listed below.

– Dresdner Bank, Wall Street, created a bar-coding system that ties to the Link Systems VRM via ODBC. The system allows the bank to track the location of computer assets and easily make updates when computers move. Reports for department equipment chargebacks/moves/inventory are available to the VRM users. The administrator has control over the MS Access database and can build custom queries to display in the VRM.

– AIG Trading, Wall Street, created a data conversion between CAP Spec (furniture specifying system) and the Link Systems VRM. Using Delphi 3 the program parses the flat file information into two tables and imports the data into Aperture via OLE, then merges the modified data back to the flat file.

– AIG Trading, Greenwich, created a circuit tracking database with Visual Basic 4 for the helpdesk to quickly find a circuit and check for existing problems and/or log new problems then archive the problem.

– Rockefeller Center/Tishman Speyer Properties NYC, used VB 4 to create a new interface to their archive/retrieval system of TIFF CAD drawings. This program builds dynamic SQL statements to query the 45,000 record database and a DLL is used to view the 5 GB worth of TIFF files. Created a project launcher in VB 4
connecting to Aperture via OLE, to simplify the opening and closing of the 15 projects using a map as the interface, also automating the synchronizing of data between projects.

– Crestar Bank, Richmond, created a Notebook in VB 4 for tracking leased property using Crystal Reports and Aperture via OLE to display floorplans. Modified the TSP project launcher in VB 4 to simplify the opening and closing of the 20+ projects in Aperture via OLE. Also created a wizard in Delphi 2, to automate the importing/exporting, printing and reporting across multiple drawings.

– GE Capitol, Danbury, created an Access database for Lease Management with Access reports.

– Used Delphi 3, VB 4 and Aperture via OLE to create simplified cad/database controls and automated procedures to the current Visual Resource Manager (VRM). Programs include multiple export/import sequence automation and conversion of CAP Spec information into the VRM.

– Web development, updated current site including FAQ section, redesigned the support section. Created ActiveX controls for client Return-on-Investment section.

Technical Services Manager/Network Administrator

– Technical Support, built database, ran, managed and maintained call-in, online and internal technical support service for VRM and daily systems troubles, PC and MAC. Support for all software listed below and hardware range from Zip drives to processor/motherboard swaps. Created/Managed two assistants with
internal and external clients.

– E-mail, administered FirstClass E-mail system with in-house, BBS, TCP/IP and Internet mail capabilities.

– Contact Manager. Company wide Rolodex, created internally in FileMaker v1, converted to v2 then v3, modified to take advantage of relational tables. Tied existing Contact Manager to tech support, purchase order, project information, and client order systems.

– Network Administrator. 50+ PCs and Macs running Win3.11, Win95 and MAC OS with an Apple WG Server 9500 running AUX (later changed to Appleshare). Research and purchase new software and hardware.

Project Manager

– United Nations. Supervised surveying of 3.5 million square feet of office space. Worked closely with client to correct existing floor plans and record furniture and equipment information into Aperture.

– Worked with programmer to improve bug ridden Aperture for Windows beta versions. Beta test WIN and Mac. Suggested improvements and reported problems to programmers, and checked that modifications were completed.

CAD Operator/Network Administrator Assistant

– Surveyed and input floor and furniture plans into Aperture for United Nations, Price Waterhouse, Chase, Viacom and MTV. Integrated PCs into a 25 Mac Ethernet network.

Executone Information Systems, Darien, CT
Product Test Specialist (Temporary assignment)

-Tested prototype installation for Windows based hospital doctor/nurse locating system. Checked software for bugs and tested its capabilities, operating possibilities and limitations, and suggested improvements. Assisted in developing product software and hardware and documented testing procedures and
results in Word and AutoCAD. Built UNIX and Windows PCs to simulate field assembly of locating system and documented results. Installed Windows and UNIX OS, memory, SCSI tape drives, hard drives, motherboards, CPUs, video cards, modems, and WFWG peer-to-peer Ethernet network.

District 2 Marine Engineers Benevolent Association
American Merchant Officers, AFL-CIO, Brooklyn, NY

Acting Chief Engineer

– SS Cape Clear. Managed Third Engineer and all ships activities. Created budgets, wrote repair orders
for contractors, checked validity of bids and supervised repairs. Second Assistant Engineer – SS Cape Clear, SS Cape Mendicino and SS Buyer. Assisted with budgets, wrote repair orders for contractors, checked validity of bids and supervised repairs. Third Assistant Engineer – SS Cape Charles, M/V Cape Hudson, SS Cape May, T.S. Patriot State and U.S.N.S. Wilkes. Assumed Second Engineers duties on SS Cape Charles.

Hathaway, Reiser and Raymond, Stamford, CT

– Yacht Rigger and Sailmaker – Designed, fabricated and repaired stainless steel and aluminum equipment for racing and cruising sailboats and modified existing equipment to suit customers needs.


– Computer Experience, Since 1983-

PC – Linux: RedHat 9 – 5.1, Fedora 10, SuSE 9, Knoppix, Tombscript, lrp, OS X.
Apache, MySQL, PHP. QMail, VmailMgr, Courier, SquirrelMail. Samba, ssh, DNS,
SendMail, Amanda.

PC – Microsoft: Win 2K/XP, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, Reporting Services, MS Access, InstallShield, Aperture, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Flash, ImageStyler, FileMaker, Excel, Word, Win95 beta tester, PowerPoint, Quicken, QuickBooks, Lotus 1-2-3, Harvard Graphics, and Freelance Graphics.


MAC OS, Aperture, FileMaker, Photoshop, Ofoto, Fireworks, GoLive, BBEdit,
Microsoft Explorer, Future Basic, Apple Script, SaberLAN, Stuffit
Installermaker, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Pagemaker, Quark XP, Persuasion,
Logomotion, Typestry, Avid Videoshop, Morph, Infini-D and Strata 3D.


– Bachelor of Science Massachusetts Maritime Academy: major-Marine Engineering; minor-Mechanical Engineering.

– AutoCAD Release 12 certification from New York University.
– United States Coast Guard License: Second Assistant Engineer Steam and Motor Engines Unlimited Horsepower