Thai Matsaman Curry

Mae Ploy Thai Matsaman Curry Paste
Fresh Lemon Grass
Thai Coconut Milk (shake it before opening to mix)
Chicken/Pork/Beef (Cubed)
Green/Yellow Beans, Broccoli, Spinach (Choose one or all)
Tomatoes or onions (optional)
Peanut Oil

In a Wok or sauce pan pour peanut oil. Heat to med, add 3-4 tablespoons of Curry Paste. With a spoon chop/mix the curry with the oil as it heats. Thinly slice 1 inch of lemon grass, dice into tiny pieces and add to curry. Chop galengal to taste and add to curry. Add meat in 1/2 cubes, stir to coat and cook.

When browned remove from heat and put heat on low. Return pot to heat and add coconut milk. Cover and warm milk slowly. Add vegatables. Serve when vegtables are cooked to liking.