The Healthy Tea Cup

New research proves that tea really is healthy. But tea is more than just healthy, it can be very tasty as well. The history of tea goes back thousands of years. Today, tea is enjoyed by people around the world. In many countries, doctors prescribe certain types of tea to cure certain ailments.

Green tea, black tea and oolong tea are different types of tea that are cultivated from the same plant. Camellia sinensis, commonly referred to as a tea plant, is an evergreen shrub grown and cultivated for its leaves and buds for the creation of numerous types of tea including green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea and chai tea. The difference in the type of tea available today is the method used to process the tea leaves. Leaves can be whole, crushed, cut, torn, curled, fermented, steamed or withered. However, because all teas are derived from the Camellia sinensis plant they all tend to have similar health promoting properties.

Tea is loaded with polyphenols. So are fruits and vegetables. But what makes tea even better than fruits and vegetables is the amount of polyphenols it has. Research has shown that tea has about 15 times the levels of polyphenols as fruits and vegetables! Polyphenols destroy free radicals. Free radicals are what cause heart disease, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and even cancer!

Tea also has what are called Phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are the subject of intense research and study. Recent studies have shown that the Phytochemicals in tea reduce inflammation, cholesterol levels, and improve bone density. In other studies, Phytochemicals have been shown to improve memory and to slow down the overall aging process!

Tea is also an excellent source of naturally occurring flavonoids and fluoride that can inhibit the formation of plaque and kill harmful bacteria. Tea has been studied for its unique ability to prevent cavities, control halitosis and support healthy teeth and gums.

Another interesting benefit of drinking tea is centered on green tea. New research has shown that green tea boosts the metabolism and increases fat oxidization. It also has an ingredient that controls hunger.

The amazing thing is that these benefits of drinking tea were discovered thousands of years ago before scientists even existed. They were discovered simply by studying what happens to someone who drinks tea versus someone who does not. Tea continues to be the world’s oldest and most popular beverage because of its taste and health promoting benefits.

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