The Kopp-Etchells Effect, Part II

27 August 2009

My embed with British forces has ended.  Will be out with U.S. forces for the foreseeable future.  After that, will strike out alone into the wilds of Afghanistan.  There are two more stories in the pipeline about the British soldiers I was with, who were in a couple of firefights.  The bullets got pretty close.  The events are worth recounting.  Unsure if I will be able to complete those dispatches due to the time wasted with the sudden ending of my embed.  Am attempting to publish at least one.  The soldiers deserve both, but time is cruel when its wasted.

A researcher who studies helicopter “brown outs” contacted me regarding the Kopp-Etchells Effect.  Apparently the effect is unrelated to St. Elmo’s Fire.  In fact, it sounds as though scientists remain unsure of exactly what causes the Kopp-Etchells Effect.  The phenomenon remains a mystery.

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